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My work studies the worshiped and the worshiper – as described through the lens of consumer culture, and splashed with a campy flair.  Repeated artistic elements and themes thread between the pieces to create a cohesive whole.  For example, the song Air (from the musical Hair) appears as textual lyrics in three paintings, and as part of one of the soundtracks to my installation piece "Bottom Feeders of the Red Carpet."  Kanye West can be heard proclaiming, “I am a robot.  You cannot offend a robot,” as Roomba vacuums bumble mechanically around the installation.  Also, hot pink punctuates the collection, as do symbolic text fonts.  Each piece is meticulously planned to echo print advertisements, billboards, product displays and memes.  Politicians and world leaders; celebrity icons and wannabes; serial killers; and cult leaders serve as subject matter, as do vacuum cleaners emblematic of the narcissist.  Mirrored, metallic and shiny materials suggest superficiality and delusions of grandeur.  The reflective surfaces recall the myth of Narcissus viewing his own reflection.  They also implicate the viewer who sees his or her own reflection while gazing upon a piece, thus commenting on the consumer’s complicit role in the farce of hero worship.

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