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I am curious about the ways we walk around in our shoes.  My background in martial arts and psychology steer an exploration of balance (literal and figurative) and how we respond to forces internal and external.  Working in paint, mixed media, photography, digital design, sound, video, sculpture and installation, I allow the idea at hand to dictate the chosen medium, as I explore the literal and symbolic aspects of materials and subject matter; often incorporating found objects and imagery from mass media in dramatic groupings.  In my hunt to adequately capture an idea, I allow for generous experimentation with style and technique, resulting in innovative imagery that intersects with conceptual puzzles and is sometimes seasoned with a pinch of absurdity.  Themes of media, culture, technology, nature, ego, and one’s relationship to self and others are mined for understanding of how we place one foot after the next, or not.


I was born and raised in the Colorado foothills and am an alumnus of the University of Colorado, with a BA in Psychology and BFA in Painting and Drawing, from Boulder and Denver respectively.  Since a young child, I've had a great curiosity for the world around me - it's people, plants, animals, patterns, objects and ideas.  I like to study varied artists such as Dahn Vo, Barbara Kruger, Hugo Ball, Henri de Toulouse-Lautre, Dana Schutz, and Kazuo Shiraga; as well as standup comics, musicians, writers, actors, historians, philosophers, and writings on the science of the brain.


­­I've been a member at Pirate Contemporary Art in Lakewood, Colorado since 2017.  My work has been exhibited in solo, group and juried shows throughout Colorado, California, and Montana.   In Taos, New Mexico I've shown numerous times with Greg Moon Art, Wilder Nightingale Fine Arts and David Anthony Fine Art.  My work is published in Titmouse magazine.  I was awarded the first place prize for the 2020 Colorado Juried exhibition with the Red Brick Center for the Arts, in Aspen Colorado, as well as the People's Choice Award at the 2016 Research and Creative Activities Symposium with the University of Colorado Denver. 


I live with a large, bearded dude (who's risotto is my emotional support grain) and two wonderfully vivacious kids. These three are the warm sun on my back. 

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