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Turbine 1
Turbine 2
windmill 9
Turbine 4
Turbine 5
Turbine 6
Turbine 7
Turbine 8



TheTurbine series was inspired by my many road trip adventures over the open expanse of America's highways.  Seeing the hint of a wind turbine off in the distance, then watching it get closer and larger, is thrilling, mysterious and slightly terrifying.  These magnificently beautiful structures represent fascinating contradictions in comfort and unease.  Their blades appear to sweep lazily in a silent arc, but to imagine being strapped to the tip, invokes thoughts of violent wind, deafening speed and nauseating centrifugal force.  They stand clean, white, and hard-edged against the organic flux of the earthly landscape; alien yet conduit for natural resource.  Like Monet's haystacks, they tell limitless stories to the cars passing by; reflecting the atmosphere around them in shifting hue, shade, composition and mood.  

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