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Heist of the Zeitgeist
The Time for an Exorcism is Now
United We Stand
There Are Five Lights
Keepin Kandy Komin
Bedtime for Democracy
DETAIL - Bedtime For Democracy
The Writing is on the Wall
DETAIL - The Writing is on the Wall
Barbs and Daggers
Assimiliated (The Cannibalized Self) 1
Assimilated (The Cannibalized Self) 2
Assimilated (The Cannibalized Self) 3
Worshiping the Hand You Think Feeds You
2 + 2 = 5
The Gerrymathering of the United States
Leader, Leader, Pumpkin Eater
Sire, Sire, Pants on Fire
Every Fox Has Its Friends
Dedicated Followers of Fashion
War Is Peace
Tweety Bird (Halitosis)
The Face of Slop and Self Loathing
Five Felon's Claws
Cartoon Capers
The One Who Got Away
I Alone
The 'I' of God
The Father Knows Best
Like a Miracle, It Will Disappear
76 Person Units


Nu Wurld delivers blunt force conclusions with an unconcealed baseball bat.  Drawing partly from her background as a certified handwriting analyst, Jablonski casts a spotlight on the insidious shift in accepted norms that have bludgeoned our democracy and incrementally emboldened the self-interested mechanisms and personas that are failing us outright at this critical moment. A new authoritarianism sits at the crossroads of egomania, intellectual laziness, self-interest, greed and group think, through the highest ranks of our country's government, and dead-ending with the president of the United States.  As Donald J. Trump claims hoax, thugs and zero responsibility, the ink has begun to dry in the history books, leaving an indelible mark that won't be scrubbed away through crafty messaging, delusion or time.

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