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Cecil the Dog
The Journey Ahead
Bad Moon Rising
Scaling Cake Mountain
Nap in the Craggy Rocks
Enter the Dragon
Amongst Giants
Upon the Path, a Fellow Traveler
Crossing the Desert by Nightfall
Missing You
Lonely Yodeler
Who's Sexy?
Leap into the Great Unknown
Sea Cucumber Convention
Joining the Circus
Bubble Wrap Dreams
The Earl of Grey
Fork in the Road
Diving Lessons
Dog House
The Sprinkles and I
Steel Tornado
Somewhere Not In Kansas
Expressing the Abstract
8 PM Howl
Beyond Europa
Voodoo That You Do
The Toucan Whisperer
Fever Dream
Night Sweats
Cloud 9
The Hills Have Eyes
In the Shadow of Cake Mountain
Making Piece with Goliath
American Beauty
Sea Biscuit
More Bubble Wrap Dreams
The Little Prince
Exploring Planet Rubus
Night at the Opera
Sea of Soap and Water
Catching Moby Dick
Passage Through the Salt Flats
Surf's Up
Hang In There
You Talkin' To Me?
Through the Looking Glass
Turn That Frown Upside Down
Snake Den
Say You're Sorry, Hot Sauce
Wishing Well
Searching for Delilah
Free Solo
New Friends Upon the Copper Brick Road
Adorn It With a Murder Hornet
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The Land of House features a half inch tall dog named Cecil, as he sets out on a brave journey into uncertain times.  The series began at the beginning of March, 2020, in response to the pandemic spread of Covid-19, and the necessary quarantining and international upheaval that has followed.  Underlying the series, is one of my favorite passages from the Tao Te Ching: Without going outside, you may know the whole world.  Without looking through the window, you may see the ways of heaven.  The further you go, the less you know.  Speaking to the theme of quarantine and confinement, I have decided to play with scale to reframe the inevitable, and create a wondrous world of freedom and possibility; one that exists somewhere just past the edge of reality.  Cecil wishes you health, hope, courage and a playful reprieve from worry.

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