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The Sound of One's Own Words (The Dunning Kruger Effect)
Talking Without Listening
Buried Alive
Comfortably Dumb
De-Inventing the Wheel
De-Inventing the Wheel
Detail: De-Inventing the Wheel
Rubbery Roots
Detail: Rubbery Roots
Still Standing
I Can't Feel My Face
Ashes, Ashes, We All Fall Down
Arena I
Arena II
(context shot)
(context shot)
(context shot)
(context shot)
(context shot)


A chair has legs to support its structure and functional intent.  

An animal has legs from which to stand and walk.   

Legs serve as a foundation. 

Without legs, we fall.


This collection plays with the idea of legs as a foundation, to create anxiety-laden vignettes of a 21st century that is off-kilter - wrought with disconnection from oneself and one’s external environment. It is unclear if the anonymous, upended matador or the skewered bull will topple first, but together victimizer and victim teeter, sway and suffer.  The ill-balanced glossy red chairs respond to the precarious tone of the bullfight, with some of the chair’s legs mirroring the curve of the bull’s leg joints and hooves. Together, these works portend the potential tragedy that befalls unsure footing borne of detachment and isolation.

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