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Sad Clown
19_May 23, 2022
In the Event of a Water Landing
In the Event of a Water Landing - context shot
'Dot the Speck'Wall Calendar
Thumb Shoe
Jake Jabs Bandages
Instructive Plaque on How to Live, Laugh, etc.
Dental-themed Stress Cube
Artisanal Lint
Inscribed Swim Goggles
Reversible Martin Van BurenThrow Pillow
Air Safety Coasters
Soap Buddy Trio
Soup Buddy Trio
Canine Evacuation Quartet
Tucker Carlson Notecard Set
Cheap Tee
Steel Banded Art Deco Pencil Holder
context shot of show
context shot of show
context shot of show
context shot of show
context shot of show
context shot of show


With irreverent rejection of logic, authority & bourgeois complacency, innovators of the 20th century Dada art movement mocked the dehumanizing effect of war, media, technology, and 'the mistaking of men for machines.'  Buffoonery and the non-sensical became their performative battle cry as they set the stage lights at their Cabaret Voltaire.  After a century of slumbers, these raucous souls have been stirred from rest and conjured into a tempest as an even greater madness now rages against and within humans, our earth and objective truth.  So let the doors swing open!  


Welcome, once again . . . to the Cabaret Voltaire!

And please be sure to visit Shop Making Sense, what we consider a gift shop, of motley offerings and assorted artisanal gobbledygook for home and hearth.

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