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Kardashian/Manson as Conjoined Twins
Vacuous Unit
Detail - Vacuous Unit
Dirt Hawg
Chum Sucker
Smoke Signals
Detail - Smoke Signals
President Artwork DETAIL 38x20 081517 JABLONSKI with penciled names
I, Faust
Kill Your Heroes
Drinking It
detail - Drinking It
Bottom Feeders of the Red Carpet
DETAIL: Bottom Feeders of Red Carpet
DETAIL - Bottomfeeders of the Red Carpet

Click to hear soundtracks below -

These played as the Roombas deployed from their docks for their synchronized performance on the red carpet...

Air (soundtrack 2)performers from musical Hair
Stranded in the Jungle (soundtrack 3)Featuring the Cadets
My Way (soundtrack 1)featuring Frank Sinatra



adjective, Informal.


1. confused by obsessive infatuation


Word Origin: having one's pate (head) in a twitter (confused). 


Twitterpated comments on the worshiped and the worshiper – described through the lens of media culture, and splashed with a campy flair. Repeated elements thread between the pieces in this collection to create a cohesive whole. Lyrics from the song Air (from the musical Hair) appear as overlaid text in the paintings, and as a sound element for the installation Bottom Feeders of the Red Carpet.  As Roomba vacuums bumble mechanically around Bottom Feeders, Kanye West can be heard proclaiming from the associated sound piece, “I am a robot. You cannot offend a robot.” 


Politicians and world leaders; celebrity icons and wannabes; serial killers; and cult leaders serve as subject matter, as do vacuum cleaners emblematic of the narcissist. Mirrored, metallic and shiny materials suggest superficiality and delusions of grandeur. The reflective surfaces, strewn throughout, recall the myth of Narcissus viewing his own reflection. They also implicate the viewer who sees his or her own reflection while gazing upon one of the artworks, thus commenting on the individual's complicit role in the farce (and potential horror) of hero worship.

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